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BASICS: The Skirt

  • Inside and outside the frame, a circumferential sealing skirt is used to minimize paravalvular leak.
  • The relationship between skirt height (13-14 mm) and height of native coronary ostia plays a major role during coronary re-access after TAVR.
  • Two-thirds of the frame is covered by an inner sealing skirt (max. height 11.6 mm) and in Sapien 3, the lower one-third of the frame is covered with an outer PET skirt to minimize paravalvular leak (max height 8.1 mm).
  • While the inner skirt height varies more than the self-expanding series, the balloon-expandable skirt heights (ranging between 7.9 – 11.6 mm) and positioning on deployment plays a crucial role during coronary re-access post TAVR.
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