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BASICS: The Frame

  • The outflow is the largest part of the frame which rests in ascending aorta.
  • The concave central portion allows the frame to avoid contact with the coronary ostia. This is narrower than native aortic root dimensions therefore smaller catheters are suitable for coronary engagement. The diamonds in the waist overlying coronary ostia are large enough to accommodate a 10 French guide (tool-box).
  • The inflow secures the frame within the annulus.
  • Depending on the valve diameter, the Sapien 3 valve will measure between 15.5 and 22.5 mm in height when deployed. Depending on deployment positioning relative to the annular plane, it can extend above the coronary ostia making re-access difficult for future PCI.
  • The Sapien 3 valve has 12 open cells on the top row of its frame which can be used to engage coronary osita.
  • The Sapien 3 valve does not have a narrowed waist, and its frame can extend above the sinotubular junction making future coronary access from above the valve more challenging.
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Case ExamplesEducational Content


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